A Little Taste of Italy

in South Bend

About the Macri’s

Macri’s Bakery and Carmela’s is the result of a fulfilled dream between an Italian couple who dared to envision big things when they came to America. George Sr. and Iole Macri opened Macri’s after Iole continually struggled to find authentic Italian ingredients in local stores to make her favorite dishes. With Italy still in her heart, Iole convinced George to open up an Italian bakery in South Bend. As their vision gained momentum, they traveled back to Italy more than once in an effort to spark their culinary creativity. The couple found new recipes, purchased the fundamental cooking equipment, and gathered a wealth of inspiration from their homeland.

A Lifelong Dream Becomes A South Bend Tradition

Iole’s dream finally came to pass in 1978 when her and George opened the doors to Macri’s Bakery, originally located on LaSalle Avenue. The bakery sat next to the Macri’s other family business--Macri’s Jewelry. Fifteen years after its grand opening, Macri’s Bakery relocated to its current location where it has since established itself as a Michiana must-have for the past 23 years.

George and Iole worked tirelessly to bring the best of Italy to South Bend. Their passion for food and strong work ethic influenced their son George Jr. George Jr. worked alongside his parents in the bakery as a child finding recipes, baking bread, and helping out around the kitchen. He later married Carmela who became an accomplished cook by watching her mother and mother-in-law. Carmela is the brilliance behind all of the Macri’s Bakery cakes and most of the signature dishes at Carmela’s.

The Best is Yet to Come

Today, George Jr., Carmela, and their four children have continued to carry out the dream of George Sr. and Iole, and have expanded the bakery to include a full-service Trattoria and an upscale Italian restaurant, Carmela’s. As Macri’s and Carmela’s continues to flourish, a few things remain the same; the family stands by the original owners’ ambition to bring a taste of Italy to South Bend, they remain committed to creating an Italian dining experience through impeccable service and distinctive dining. In years to come, the Macri’s will continue to do what they do best: bringing their passion for family and food together.